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Arvand Free Zone is operated by an organization with an independent legal personality whose capital belongs to the state. This organization and its affiliated companies are exempted from the laws and regulations governing state-owned companies and other public regulations and are governed solely by the law of how to administer free trade-industrial zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran and their respective constitutions.

Capabilities & Facilities


  •  1. Rapid, easy and cheap access to regional and global markets through road, rail, air and marine  transportation.
  •  2. Cheap energy
  •  3. Infrastructure for export, import and transit of goods
  •  4. Possibility of access to skilled & cheap workforce
  •  5. facilities and installation of industrial and municipal infrastructure

Invest in Arvand Free Zone


Arvand Free Zone due to its unique geographic location in Southwest of the country, has high potential for Industrial, Tourism and Commercial investment. Access to the main land, air and maritime routes, as well as to the neighboring countries such as Iraq, Kuwait and other countries with a good market, having plenty of natural resources, Freshwater of Arvand, Karoon and Bahmanshir Rivers with Shipping Capability, Cheap energy and labor, especially for foreign investment are among the characteristics of the region.