Resuming the export of non-oil goods from Shalamcheh

AFZ manager of Shalamcheh Development said: Export of non-oil goods from Shalamcheh resumed on Sunday 10/9/2023 after the return of Arbaeen pilgrims and the preparations of the Iraqi side.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, Ahmed Amani said: the re-export of goods from Shalamcheh has been operationalized after preparation of Iranian and Iraqi businessmen. With the reopening of Shalamcheh border, hundreds of trucks carrying non-oil goods will be sent to the Iraqi market.
He reminded: the business section of Iraqi Shalamcheh terminal stopped its activity from Saturday 26/8/2023, when Arbaeen Hosseini walking movement peaked.
He mentioned that one of the reasons for stopping commercial activities is on Iraqi side and stated: Lack of necessary infrastructure on Iraq’s border and closure of Iraqi customs have been the main reasons for stopping commercial activity.