Arvand as a tourist hub

The cultural, social and tourism deputy of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones said: Arvand Free Zone can be a hub in the fields of scientific tourism, health and war.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, Dr. Gholamreza Khalilinia, the deputy for culture, social and tourism of the Supreme Council of the Free and Special Economic Zones, visit the infrastructures in AFZ and said: the capacity to accept tourists is high and we must take steps to improve it. But the capacity of hotels has declined compared to the past, because oil is no longer providing services like in the past.
Dr. Khalilinia said: AFZ was in charge of tourism in the region from the beginning, and the development of Minooshahr is the indicator of improving the tourism in the region and can be registered as a tourism island.
He said: This area welcomes guests within the province in the second half of the year, and the attractions should be activated in the form of shopping festivals, fishing clubs, and water entertainment and etc. Also we should consider issues such as beach construction and parks for women.
Dr. Khalilinia said: war tourism is one of the most important issues, and Abadan and Khorramshahr, as a war zone in the eight-year imposed war, face 2.5 million tourists every year. This huge capacity of Rahian Noor should be considered and the museum garden should be revived and improved.
Khalilinia pointed to health tourism in AFZ and said: Arvand has seven hospitals with a very high capacity to revive health tourism and to receive medical service seekers from neighboring countries.
He pointed to launch scientific tourism in the region and said: AFZ with more than 12 universities can be a good opportunity for developing scientific tourism. Therefore, a plan is on the agenda that will increase the number of students to 2 thousand per year.
Arvand Free Zone can be introduced as a pole in the fields of scientific tourism, health and war.