The trade balance of Arvand Free Zone is on the way to becoming positive

Mohammad Reza Eskandari, CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization said: The volume of investments has increased in the last year and we are moving towards a positive trade balance of Arvand Free Zone.
According to the public relations and international affairs of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Eskandari, in a television interview held on the occasion of Government Week, stated that the Islamic Council approved the Free Zones Law and the same parliament followed it and has established laws that have created limitations for these areas, and this discussion is being seriously pursued in the free zones. He stated: The parliament believes that the free zone, from our point of view, is a matter of added value, an enclosed, empty area. of residence and a positive trade balance.
Finally, referring to the horizon ahead of this region, he pointed out: from November 2021 to July 2022, the volume of permits issued for investment in the region was 2,534 billion tomans, but this balance from November 2021 to July 2022, it reached 4 thousand 146 billion Tomans, which means almost 64% more; Accordingly, all balances related to investment in the region are positive and subject to increase.