The Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Zones enters Arvand Free Zone

In a one-day trip to Arvand Free Zone, Dr. Saeed Mohammad, the Secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Zones will examine the way of serving pilgrims at Shalamcheh border terminal, while visiting the infrastructures of Hosseini Arbeen.
According to public relations and international affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Mohammad, advisor to the president and secretary of the Supreme Council of the Free Zones of the country, a few minutes ago at the head of a delegation were welcomed by the CEO, board of directors’ members and deputies of the Arvand Free Zone Organization at International Ayatollah Jami Abadan airport at AFZ.
Attending the commemoration of the martyrs of eight years of holy defense and paying tribute to their dignity is on the agenda of the president’s adviser’s trip to Arvand Azad region.
During his trip to Khuzestan, “Mohammed” will evaluate the infrastructures created by the Arbaeen headquarters of Arvand Free Zone.
Visiting the infrastructure of the international border of Shalamcheh, attending the procession of service providers stationed on the route and the border terminal of Shalamcheh, and checking the way pilgrims travel, are among the plans of the secretary of the Supreme Council of Free Zones of the country to Arvand.
Also, meeting with the Iraqi authorities in the border area and visiting the processions stationed at the Shalamche crossing of Iraq are among the other events that took place during the trip of “Doctor Mohammad” to Arvand.