Holding a strategic tourism council meeting in AFZ

The meeting of Strategic Tourism Council was held in AFZ in line with the tourism development and handicrafts policies.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, Strategic Tourism Council meeting was held with the presence of the AFZ’s CEO, the officials of Abadan and Khorramshahr with the aim of developing this industry.
The AFZ’s CEO said in this meeting: Tourism is one of the productive and wealth-creating industries in all parts of the world, and we should pay special attention to this industry.
Referring to the Supreme Leader’s statement that we should pay special attention to tourism, Ali Zarei noted: One of AFZ’s duties is to generate income and generate wealth through tourism which is an important capacity that we can focus on. Health tourism, holy defense, industrial, ecotourism, market are tourism capacities in the region.
The head of AFZ’s Tourism Strategic Council said: “The existence of two ports of Abadan and Khorramshahr with huge water capacities in the region is an exception and added: “Unfortunately, the current situation is not favorable and we have neglected wealth-generating things”. If there is going to be a change in the region, all executive officials, different departments and tourism activists should stand by AFZ with empathy and unity.
Ali Zarei said: The necessity of forming this council for tourism development in the region and taking positive steps is not hidden from anyone. First, specialized committees should be formed, requirements should be measured, and infrastructure works can be moved in that direction.
The formation of a joint think room, pathology and statistics of existing capacities will lead to implementation of several mega projects in tourism with the presence of cultural and tourism activists, elites, academics. After the formation of working group, a report on the tourism situation should be prepared and specialized meetings should be held regularly.
Development of health-oriented tourism and attraction of health tourists in medical centers or sending them to other provinces, development of flights and schedule of passenger vessels (domestic and foreign), checking condition of railway station and the new airport hall, creating a recreational space and water park in Mino Island, improvement of city signs and use of trilingual signs (Persian, English, Arabic) were among the issues that could be raised in the meeting of the Strategic Tourism Council.