Formation of specialized committees for revitalization of production sector in AFZ

AFZ Deputy for Investment and Business Development said: Solving problems of producers and investors is only possible with interaction and common thinking and using consultant’s experiences in field of investment.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, “Roohallah Khazaei”, AFZ’s Deputy for investment and business development, announced formation of specialized working groups for production in AFZ and said: In a series of meetings with the committee of investors and producers, experienced economic activists were invited and their opinions were gathered. It is only possible to solve the problem of producers and investors by interacting and thinking together and using experiences of consultants in the field of investment.
Khazaei pointed to presence of the AFZ’s CEO in a series of joint meetings with economic activists and said: AFZ’s management policy is to increase production, attract investors, increase the amount of exports and having inter-sectoral and international relations. Also, for the first time, a specialized production and customs committee was formed in industrial units and examined the cases. Specialized committees and small working groups are aimed at solving the obstacles and problems of the production units, and after taking decisions, these approvals have been implemented.
Khazaei said: All these meetings were held based on the agenda and with the presence of Khuzestan’s governor to remove obstacles at macro level. One of the issues that are always raised in these meetings is the problems of producers and investors in AFZ. All the cases that need to be planned at the macro levels have been approved and informed to the center.