The active presence of free zones in the fifth exhibition of Iran’s export capabilities

Massoud Hosseinpour, the advisor and deputy secretary of the Supreme Council in the headquarters of the exhibition of free zones announced the strong presence of free zones in the fifth edition of exhibition of Iran’s export capabilities (IRAN EXPO 2023).
According to the public relations and international affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, quoted by Freena, Hosseinpour announced this news and said: After the presence of Dr. Abdul Maleki as the secretary of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones, the country’s 7 free zones were required to have 50 projects per season to study and examine investment opportunities in their regions and to present their proposals for the initial preparation of projects.
Hosseinpour added: In total, about 370 projects under the title of investment opportunities in free zones in various fields have been prepared to attract investors, which will be available to those interested in this exhibition.
pointing out the presence of 55 countries in this exhibition he said: Our effort is to attract 5 billion Euros of foreign and domestic capital in free zones and create employment for 23 thousand people by implementing these 370 projects.
Finally, the adviser added: The Iran Expo 2023 exhibition will be held by the Trade Development Organization and the Ministry of Security from May 17 to 20 at the permanent location of Tehran International Exhibitions, which is a good opportunity to present the capacities and capabilities of the free zones.