Message from Deputy of Culture, Social Affairs and Tourism of AFZO on the occasion of World Handicrafts Day

According to Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Adel Farihi, Deputy of Culture, Social Affairs and Tourism of Arvand Free Zone Organization, issued a message congratulating the activists of this field on the International Handicrafts Day.
The text of this message reads:
In the name of Allah
Handicrafts have always been one of the most original human arts throughout history, a symbol of culture and civilization of any land.
Handicrafts in our dear country are also the manifestation of art and creativity of different ethnic groups, each of which, by creating their works, crystallizes the beautiful rainbow of art and the glory of our country’s culture. Paying attention to this valuable industry is not only an important move towards preserving the heritage and civilization of the past; Rather, it will create jobs and small businesses.
It is hoped that by supporting this valuable industry and art, we can pave the way for regional artists to participate and compete in global markets; In particular, provide more to neighboring countries.
I congratulate the World Handicrafts Day to all the artists and the large family of handicrafts of Arvand Free Zone and I hope that these loved ones will always be diligent and hard-working in the flourishing of art in the cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr.