launching of Campus of Medical Sciences university in AFZ

AFZ’s CEO said: launching of Abadan campus of Medical Sciences university will be in line with development of healthcare infrastructure.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, Ali Zarei had a joint meeting with board of directors of Medical Sciences university regarding development of health infrastructure in Arvand and said: AFZ has announced his initial agreement regarding cooperation with Medical Sciences university to provide them with land to construct university campus complex.
He said that the final decision to participate in construction of a university campus is dependent on decision of board of directors and stated: After the approval of the board of directors; The land will be handed over to Medical Sciences University as infrastructure. the goals of building a university campus; launching of nursing, pharmacy, dentistry faculties and sub-departments, student dormitories to develop and create more educational spaces and upgrading the University of Medical Sciences.
The AFZ’s CEO said: By inviting one of Arvand’s benefactors and offering to provide land by AFZ, he undertook to set up a radiotherapy department at his own expense centered on University of Medical Sciences in Abadan and to open the department dialysis in Valiasr Khorramshahr Hospital.