Increasing index of deprivation and tourism in Arvand by lunching Arvand Saghir organizing project

AFZ Deputy for technical and infrastructure said: Improving the housing of residents, implementation of green space, creation of access road and expansion of tourism in Arvand will be the goals of Arvand Saghir beach development project.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, Qasem Sharif Bavi said: Arvand Free Zone Organization has defined a project from its internal funds to organize Arvand Saghir, and in the first phase, this project is able to facilitate service delivery to deprived areas.
He said: The start of this project was on 4th April this year, and the operation of Arvand Saghir beach construction will be completed for 12 months in the first phase with a credit amounting to 116 billion tomans. This project will include pile driving, shield driving, implementation of substructure and asphalt, implementation of tabulation, implementation of concrete pouring on piles, implementation of stone and mortar on the river bank for a length of 3,400 meters.
Sharif Bavi stated: The goals of this project will be to improve the housing of residents, implement green spaces, create an access road and expand tourism in the region.