AFZ’s policies are creating relative prosperity and benefiting the people

The AFZ’s CEO said: AFZ’s policy is aimed at benefiting people from Arvand’s capacities and facilities and creating relative prosperity for citizens.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, Ali Zarei, AFZ’s CEO, mentioned the visit of the vice president for legal affairs to Arvand and said: the purpose of this visit is to have field observations and get an expert theory, and according to that, we will make a decision based on the needs in the government.
He stated that we are looking for the maximum utilization of resources in Arvand and added: We are determined to make the necessary efforts and take a positive step for goals on which the free zone was established.
The AFZ’s CEO pointed to the policies of this organization to benefit the people from AFZ’s capacities and facilities and clarified: One of the issues that we seek to resolve during this visit is the conditions of border area. Based on that, we can create an environment where the people benefit from the border lands and like the Iraqi side, benefit from their water-border space and return to their lands.