The servants of Arbaeen Hosseini Headquarters were honored by AFZ

In a ceremony organized by AFZ’s Arbaeen headquarters, Arbaeen Hosseini servants were honored.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, a ceremony of appreciation for servants and activists of AFZ’s Arbaeen Hosseini Headquarters was held in the Shahid Qanavati hall.
This conference was attended by representative of velayat-i faqih in Khuzestan, Iranian consul general in Basra, AFZ’s CEO, deputies and managers, Friday imams of Ahvaz, Abadan and Khorramshahr, members of assembly of experts, military and law enforcement commanders, and members of AFZ’s Arbaeen headquarters, and efforts of all those who participated in this event at Shalamcheh border terminal were highly appreciated.
At the beginning of this ceremony, AFZ’s CEO welcomed the guests and considered activities done in Arbaeen Hosseini’s in 1402 as exceptional and said: “The Arbaeen ceremony have been held this year with better and smoother quality and more appropriate service than in previous years.” This event was the result of empathy and cooperation of all hard workers in this field.
In the following, representative of velayat-i faqih in Khuzestan was the other speaker. Seyed Nabi Mousavifard, in ceremony of honoring Arbaeen Hosseini servants, stated: what happened in Shalamcheh was unique, and Arbaeen people’s gathering this year at Shalamcheh border was rare. He further asked all institutions to make the necessary planning to improve the deficiencies.
The broadcasting of institution’s services and activities of AFZ’s Arbaeen Hosseini headquarters was other parts of this ceremony honoring the servants of Arbaeen Hosseini. Mentioning the tragedy of Aba Abdullah al-Hussein (AS) by praiser was other parts of this event. At the end of this ceremony, the committees, members, servants and activists of Arbaeen Hosseini 1402 were appreciated.