Allocation of 100 billion Rials credit to provide cooling system for less privileged schools in AFZ

In order to establish educational justice; AFZ CEO announced the allocation of 100 billion Rials for providing cooling systems for underprivileged and less privileged schools in AFZ in cooperation with General Department of School Renovation.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, Ali Zarei said in a joint meeting held with the presence of AFZ’s deputy for culture, social and tourism and general director of school renovation in Khuzestan: in order to establish educational justice, remove deprivation and Equal access to educational facilities, following MOU we had with the General Department of School Renovation, 100 billion Rials were allocated to provide cooling systems to less privileged schools in AFZ.
He pointed out that the purpose of this meeting was to monitor and implement the issues of MOU and said: Cooling equipment will be distributed based on the needs of schools in Abadan, Khorramshahr and Minooshahr. Teaching citizenship culture to students is one of the main concerns of educational officials in schools.
AFZ’s managing director considered life skills training for students will lead to the consolidation and strengthening of value system and sustainable participation and said: following this meeting, the plan for construction of first 12-class high school with “sandwich panel” method was placed in work of the General Department of Renovation.