Paying attention to production and removing obstacles is AFZ’s most important concern

AFZ’s Deputy for investment and business development said: The extent of infrastructure projects to facilitate the activities of industrial units during these years has been unprecedented.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, “Roohallah Khazaei”, Deputy for investment and business development, said: In last year, the most visits and presence of managers and deputies, and AFZ’s CEO was from production units of industrial site, and this is much more than the usual daily visits of related managements. For the first time, pathology meetings and elimination of production obstacles were held at the production units.
Based on this, AFZ’s managements held a meeting in the production units and counted the problems that led to practical activities.
AFZ’s deputy for Investment and Business Development stated: According to the comprehensive plan that was explained with the Industrial Towns Company, in the infrastructure sector, currently, most of the infrastructure projects launched after several years to facilitate activity of industrial units. Some of these projects have been completed, some are underway, and other projects will be commissioned or tendered by the end of this year.
Khazaei continued: In a comprehensive manner, effective infrastructure activities are being carried out in the fields of HSE, sewage, road, lighting, services, and cleaning. He added that the infrastructure and road map have been approved by AFZ’s board of directors and will be followed up according to the priority and allocated budget.