The 5-star Fadak train will be launched on the Khorramshahr-Mashhad route

The AFZ’s Manager of Tourism Development and Cultural Heritage announced launch of a 5-star Fadak train on the Khorramshahr-Mashhad route in near future.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, Amir Hoshang Baba Moradi had a meeting today with Mohammad Reza Attarzadeh, CEO and member of Board of Directors of Fadak Trains, and discussed launch of Fadak train on Khorramshahr-Mashhad route.
The Manager of Tourism Development and Cultural Heritage mentioned that railway development and providing better services to citizens and tourists are one of our concerns and added: due to the presence of Iraqi tourists, Rahian Noor and Arbaeen Hosseini pilgrims, launch of Khorramshahr-Mashhad train route is a basic need for our region.
Baba Moradi said: The CEO of Fadak trains proposed establishment of a special stand at Shalamcheh border terminal to guide tourists and facilitate safe and quality transportation and requested the cooperation of AFZ with this company. Fadak 5-star trains, the first Iranian 5-star train, has improved the quality levels in the country’s rail industry by providing distinctive services at the level of services and tries to provide premium services to its guests.