AFZ economic indicators Growth

The AFZ’s Deputy for Investment and Business Development announced the growth of AFZ economic indicators in first six months of this year.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, “Roohallah Khazaei”, Deputy for investment and business development said the rate of Arvand’s economic indicators changed compared to last year and indicators such as the amount of demand to participate in investment, capital attraction, handing over land to investors, issuing permit that lead to contracts, export, import, income and attracting real and nominal investment and production, have been improved in the first six months of this year.
He said: AFZ has experienced an increase diagram especially in the last one year in all the mentioned indicators. In the production facilitation index, AFZ has the highest speed of issuing permits and handing over land to investors among other free zones in the country.
Khazaei pointed to elimination of traditional administrative bureaucracies and to go through such process with electronic space and online systems and said: With the announcement of the Free Zones Secretariat, AFZ has the fastest mechanism in the area of issuing permits and handing over Lands to investors. This year was the most issuance of investment permits resulted in a contract with an investor. Previously, investment permits were issued, which did not lead to the conclusion of a contract, but in the new year, the issuance of permits and conclusion of contracts have increased by more than 100% and have become fully operational.