Facilitating the process of issuing health tourism permits in AFZ

The AFZ manager of Tourism Development and Cultural Heritage announced about facilitating of health tourism permit in AFZ.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, the first specialized working council for tourism, transportation and health tourism was held with presence of Deputy for culture, social and tourism, Manager of tourism and cultural heritage development, manager of Shalamcheh development, manager of environment, health and safety, manager of development and investment facilitation, and managers of cultural heritage departments of Abadan and Khorramshahr and tourism activists in order to benefit from the opinions of experts in this field.
The AFZ manager of Tourism Development and Cultural Heritage stated: AFZ Tourism Strategic Council was formed to investigate and discuss tourism problems and creating a clear path for tourism in the region. The field of tourism has a special role in economic development all over the world, and the economic axis in free zones also revolves around it.
He considered combined transportation and proximity to Iraq and Kuwait is AFZ’s prominent capacities in this field and added: despite the average daily traffic of about two thousand Iraqi nationals from Shalamcheh border, the share of tourism in the region is zero.
Babamoradi said investigating the lack of tourism development in AFZ is the most important goal of this meetings and added: Investigating the problems of health tourism permit, investigating and providing a solution for tourist transportation from Shalamcheh border terminal, investigating the weaknesses and strength to develop and attract domestic and foreign tourists, launching an exchange office and providing foreign exchange services at the Shalamcheh border terminal, holding of specialized training courses, bringing festivals and various events, and inviting foreign tourism tours are the most important topics of specialized council for tourism, transportation and health tourism.
In another part of this meeting, two issues of issuing health tourism permit and organizing transportation of tourists from Shalamcheh border terminal were discussed by the tourism activists in this meeting and good results were obtained.