Message of AFZ’s CEO on occasion of National Export Day

The AFZ’s CEO congratulated the exporters on National Export Day in a message.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, the message of AFZ’s Chairman and CEO on the occasion of National Export Day is as follows;
Happy and blessed National Export Day to all the exporters who are working with their faith and capital to make Iran proud in international arena.
〖21〗^th October is the day to honor efforts of exporters, who have raised the flag of our country in all parts of the world with their efforts to ensure the pride of Iran and Iranians.
Exporters are leaders and agents of decisive moments of Iran’s economy, and since they seek to create wealth, solve economy problems and acquire foreign exchange resources for our country, they always deserve to be honored and admired.
In addition to honoring efforts of the businessmen who work hard in export business and present their result to the world markets and increase the country’s share, I also consider it my duty to appreciate and honor their efforts and valuable services, and I wish them success and health.