Tehran University Council holds a meeting in Arvand Free Zone

The meeting of the Council of Tehran University, focusing on the start of Arvand International Campus, held a meeting in Minoushahr.

According to the public relations and international affairs department of AFZ Organization, the managers and professors and assistant professors of Tehran University along with the CEO and deputies of AFZ Organization; held a meeting focusing on the launch of “Arvand International Campus”.

On the sidelines of this meeting, the CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization stated to reporters: In the past few months, we have signed a memorandum of cooperation with Tehran University, which includes: It was decided to set up the international campus of this university in Arvand Free Zone, so that it can take advantage of the neighboring capacity of Arvand Free Zone with the country of Iraq.

Pointing out that the work of setting up this international campus by Tehran University was implemented in the shortest time, he added: It was decided in the meeting of the Tehran Council that the admission of students in this university will be implemented from October 2024.