Congratulations on the arrival of Nowruz

I would like to extend my congratulations to the entire Iranian nation on the arrival of Nowruz the beginning of this new year, which has coincided with the blessed month of Ramadan, the spring of the hearts the spring of spirituality. I would especially like to extend my congratulations to the families of the war veterans as well as all the other nations who celebrate Nowruz.

The year 1402 AHS, just like all the other years of our lives, was filled with both sweet and bitter moments…. The epic participation of the people in the Quds Day 22nd of Bahman rallies, the elections being held in safety & without corruption & other situations where the public displayed their presence government’s actions in the international arena in various economic & political fields were some of the pleasant, desirable events.

The tragic event that took place in Kerman on the anniversary of Martyr Soleimani’s [assassination], the floods that swept through Baluchestan at the end of the year were among the bitter events. And the most tragic of all was the tragic event that occurred in Gaza.

The main issue the country is facing again this year is the economy… After studying the opinions of the experts on this subject, I have come to this conclusion that the key to solving the country’s economic problems lies in production – domestic production, national production. If growth in production and advancements in domestic production are pursued in a suitable manner, many of the country’s key economic issues will be solved in a desirable manner.

Slogan of the year: “Surge in production through people’s participation”

If we plan to increase our production rapidly, we need to get the people actively involved in the economy. We must pave the way for the people to get involved in production in a tangible manner and remove the obstacles that stand in the way to their participation. It is for this reason that the slogan that I have chosen for this year is, “Surge in production through people’s participation.” This is the Slogan for this year.

Imam Khamenei

March 20, 2024