Arvand; Production and export hub of Free Zones

AFZ CEO, referring to the benefits of investing in Arvand, mentioned it as a golden opportunity for owners of ideas and businesses.
According AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, Ali Zarei, Chairman of the board and CEO, stated during the CIFIT exhibition in Xiamen, China: AFZ is a golden opportunity for investment and production and its products can be exported across borders. Annually, 196 million dollars of the products are exported abroad, and their value during this year is half a billion dollars.
The AFZ CEO stated Arvand has the most equipped border with more than 100 hectares of specialized docks, and said: Last year, more than 650 million dollars were exported to Iraq through Shalamcheh which is rare among other free zones. This volume of exports has encouraged other countries to use this border to export their products.
Engineer Zarei, referring to the annual reception of 500,000 foreign tourists in Abadan and Khorramshahr, and said: Every year, one million tourists travel to the AFZ, which is a rare number among other free zones.
He added: AFZ has many competitive advantages that differentiate it from other zones. The extent of AFZ in 37,400 hectares, industrial and commercial background, a combination of experienced, young and educated manpower in industrial and commercial fields, having a water and land border with Iraq and the easy access to the Persian Gulf’s market, easy access to vast market with population of Abadan and Khorramshahr (population of over 500 thousand people) and the population of Khuzestan province (population of over 4 million people) and the population of 28 million people in Iraq, the closest FZ to Iran’s industry, agriculture and mines centers, the existence of Arvand, Karun and Bahmanshir rivers with shipping capability, the existence of four types of road, rail, air and sea transportation are only some of these advantages.
Zarei added: special regulations for man power employment in Arvand and easy access to skilled, efficient and cheap manpower, exporting products without paying customs duties, using the value added law to transfer goods produced in Arvand to the mainland Up to 100% production, special regulations for insurance and social security, 20-year tax exemption for all activities in all fields, participation with foreign investors without restrictions on participation ratio, 100% ownership by foreign investors compared to the owners of leased lands, having 100% shares of registered companies by foreign investors, freedom to transfer currency abroad without any restrictions, freedom of entry and exit of capital and its profit, support and guarantee for foreign capital, possibility of establishing foreign banks and insurances, having special regulations in export, import and customs affairs, no need for a visa, and ease in issuing entry and residence permits for foreigners are the legal benefits to the investor.
AFZ CEO noted: AFZ welcomes any request for investment in various areas and all permits are issued with minimal formalities.