Iranian and Iraqi interior ministers meet in AFZ

According to the public relations and international affairs departmrnt of Arvand Free Zone Organization, the ministers of Iran and Iraq held a coordination meeting, after visiting the four western borders of the country and the main paths of pilgrim traffic during Arbaeen, were guests of AFZ Organization and at the main building of this organization.
At the beginning of this meeting, and emphasizing the construction of suitable infrastructure from the Iraqi side, the governor of Khuzestan, stated: in Khuzestan province and Shalamcheh border terminal, good capacities have been constructed to receive pilgrims of Imam Hossein (AS), and a total of more than 1000 Mokebs (service stations for pilgrims) will receive pilgrims in this province during Arbaeen days.
In the continuation of this meeting, Basra Governor Asad Al-Eidani, emphasizing Iraq’s ability to accept 100,000 pilgrims daily from the borders of Khuzestan, said: the Iranian side should provide the necessary cooperation regarding the immediate evacuation of cargo and passenger vehicles from Iraqi territory to prevent From the traffic, make the necessary effort.
In this press conference, which was held in the presence of journalists from Arvand Free Zone and Iraq, Iraqi Interior Minister Abd al-Amir al-Shammari said: During today’s visits to the four western borders of Iran, we reached good agreements with the Iranian side, also in the presence of the governors of the four We visited the eastern province of Iraq on the common borders with Iran, and the necessary synergy regarding the security of Arbaeen pilgrims from the borders of Iran to the territory of Iraq took place.
In the end, while thanking the people and government of Iraq for the good reception of the people of Iran during the days of Ashura and Arbaeen, he said: I hope that we can provide better conditions for the pilgrims’ traffic, considering the problems that exist this year, including the extreme heat.