Introducing “bird watching” as one of the ecotourism attractions of Arvand Free Zone in the international tourism exhibition

Reza Javid, Head of Environmental Protection Department of Abadan and Khorramshahr cities in the 16th International Exhibition of Tourism and Related Industries; introduced Arvand Free Zone as one of the capacities of “bird watching” as part of the ecotourism attractions in the country.
According to the public relations and international affairs report of AFZ Organization; Javid, while expressing his satisfaction with allocating a booth to the subject of bird watching and ecotourism, said: This year, with the help of AFZ Organization, we were able to set up a booth to introduce bird watching and ecotourism in the region at the 16th International Exhibition of Tourism and Related Industries.
He stated that the main purpose of setting up this pavilion is to introduce the unique location of AFZ to the visitors and said: Considering that AFZ is located between two fresh water rivers and is adjacent to Shadegan Wetland and beautiful lakes such as “Goban” and it is “Guarin”; We tried to familiarize the citizens of the whole country with the tourist attractions in the field of Arvand ecotourism in the said booth.
Mr. Javid considered ecotourism as one of the important options in the process of sustainable development and added: In this regard, “Birdwatching” has a great role in the culture of society for the protection of the environment and public awareness, along with the correct and principled exploitation of nature.