Unveiling the first version of AFZ Organization’s transparency system

The initial version of Arvand Free Zone Organization’s performance transparency system was unveiled with the aim of improving the public’s access to data and information related to performance in various departments of this organization.
According to the public relations and international affairs department of AFZO, Abdulreza Arasto, a member of the board of directors and deputy director of management development of this organization, announced this news he stated: With the aim of achieving free access to information in various functional areas of this organization, the first version of the transparency system was launched by the efforts of statistics management and project control experts and information technology management, communication and digital transformation of AFZO.
He added: In the first phase of launching this system, various reports such as the amount of domestic and foreign investment, customs procedures (exports and imports), the number of passengers and domestic and foreign flights, the number of licenses issued, and dozens of other sections on this system is available to the public at: www.arvandfreezone.com/shafaf.
The board member of AFZO said: This system follows the emphasis of the honorable adviser to the president and the secretary of the Supreme Council of Commercial-Industrial and Special Economic Free Zones and in line with the order of the CEO of AFZO regarding transparency of performance and also in the implementation of resolution number one of the 16th session Executive Council of Information Technology of the country regarding the promotion of transparency and free access of citizens to raw data and with regard to the first principle of the 12 principles governing the national plan to prevent and deal with administrative and economic corruption announced by the President on the topic of “Producing and presenting correct information, Accurate, timely and relevant to the competent authorities and people, especially in the field of economic activities and providing for the government dominance has been designed, implemented and launched.
It should be noted that in addition to the gradual completion of the information of other parts of the transparency system, the information of this system will be updated on a monthly basis.