Formation of specialized working groups for education/ based on the needs of market, we will expand technical and vocational education

The cultural, social and tourism deputy of the Arvand Free Zone (AFZ) Organization, explain the first meeting of working group for development of secondary education in AFZ and said: “We will expand technical and vocational training based on the needs of the market.”
According to AFZ public relations and international affairs report, Adel Farihi, referring to the importance of forming specialized working groups for education, stated: We are in the process of forming several specialized working groups for education. First, we started this important path by forming and setting up the working group for the development of secondary education in AFZ.
Expressing his hope for the approvals of this educational meeting, he stated: planning for development of skill and research training for first and second secondary students, empowering managers and trainers of first and second secondary through holding suitable workshops, empowering families and Prevention of social harms, development of technical and vocational education, strengthening the scientific foundation and raising the average grades of the second secondary school, appreciation of hard-working teachers, program to attract the maximum number of school leavers, were the important decisions and approvals of this meeting.
Farihi stated that the programs that the people in this working group foresee for the new academic year will be aimed at improving the level of education and the scientific status of students, teachers and administrators, and added: It is supposed to be a series of trainings and programs such as Participation in various festivals and exhibitions and scientific visits.
Farihi noted: This working group will have continuous meetings until the end of the academic year, and it is supposed to be 3 programs. A short-term program for the current academic year, a medium-term program that will take about 3 years, and a long-term comprehensive program to raise the education level.
Farihi admitted: After the secondary education development working group, we will have elementary education, research and support development working groups on the agenda and stated: We should expand technical and professional trainings based on the needs of the labor market and create new fields after feasibility stage.
The AFZ deputy of culture, social and tourism stated: Finally, after meetings of various working groups, a consolidated working group will be formed, which includes all education development programs and a comprehensive 5-year plan.
It should be noted that the secondary education development working group with the focus on AFZ education management consists of AFZ’s secondary education development experts, secondary education assistants, experts responsible for theoretical education, experts responsible for technical and vocational education, experts responsible for partnerships and consulting.