Congratulatory message from the member of the board and deputy on the occasion of National Human Resources Day

Mohammad Delphi, a member of the board and deputy of management development of Arvand Free Zone Organization sent a message congratulating the human resources day on April 14th.
According to Public Relations and International Affairs of Arvand Free Zone Organization, the text of the message of reads:

In the name of God
Undoubtedly, the most important factors in achieving the goals, strategies and grand plans of this organization in line with the defined goals to eliminate deprivation in the cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr, is a committed and professional manpower that can achieve the best results with proper management of other resources.
On behalf of the chairman and members of the board of directors of this organization, I congratulate this day to each and every member of the large family of Arvand Free Zone Organization.
From God Almighty, we wish success for a service full of effort and vitality for the growth and prosperity of the Arvand Free Zone.

Mohammad Delphi
Member of the Board of directors
Deputy Director of Management Development of Arvand Free Zone Organization