Flights from Ayatollah Jami International Airport is on the agenda of AFZO

The acting management of Arvand Free Zone Investment and Development Company, Jabar Abboudzadeh, announced the holding of a consultation meeting with private sector companies to increase the flights of Abadan Ayatollah Jami International Airport.
According to the public relations and international affairs department of AFZO, Abboudzadeh, while pointing out that the meeting was held with the emphasis of the CEO of AFZO to solve the problem of the flights of Ayatollah Jami Abadan International Airport, added: During this meeting, with the presence of Amir Hoshang Baba Moradi, advisor to the CEO of AFZO, and representatives from Abadan landfill, distribution and refining, Abadan and Khorramshahr chambers of commerce, petrochemicals, steel, Amsco, Iranol, tourism management of AFZO and other important companies were held in the private sector, the problems of flights at Ayatollah Jami Abadan International Airport and the creation of a platform to increase the flights of this airport were evaluated and opinions exchanged.
He stated that in this meeting, preliminary investigations, requirements and suggestions were raised by the attendees, and he said: The announcement of flights required by private sector companies and the benefit of citizens, investors and businessmen from the capacity of these flights were among the issues mentioned in this meeting, which were discussed.
The manager of AFZO ‘s investment and development company noted: Completing the new terminal, improving the existing situation and providing better services to citizens at Ayatollah Jami Abadan International Airport were among the other issues that were emphasized in this meeting.