Allocation of low-interest loans to production units of AFZ’s industrial site

AFZ’s Manager of Industrial site announced the allocation of low-interest loan to production units in order to provide financing and working capital for this sector.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, “Mohammed Nazemi”, AFZ’s manager of industrial site, said: AFZ is always investigating and calculating the problems of production units in industrial site. According to the investigations that have been carried out, more than 90% of the problems are financial challenges and lack of working capital, to solve such problems, some of them have been solved in different ways with the help of this organization.
Mohammed Nazemi stated: This support includes getting loans from banks and other available legal methods. Currently, with the cooperation of ” Danesh Financing Chain Company” loans with very low interest rates have been provided to get financial support, working capital and fixed capital for industrial units.
He pointed out: Industrial units that need this loan can get it through introducing them to the Bank. And in the near future, we can solve other problems with the help of institutions.