Export of more than 100 million dollars of AFZ’s products in the first 6 months of the year/Allocation of 200 billion credit from AFZ to increase the capacity of power station of Khorramshahr industrial site

The AFZ’s manager announced the allocation of 200 billion tomans of credit to double the volume of electricity production in Khorramshahr Industrial site.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, “Mohammed Nazemi”, manager of industrial site, stated: AFZ’s industrial site is divided into several infrastructure sectors, active and stagnant units, hardware and software services provided by AFZ to production units.
He said: “We have done our best to provide cheap infrastructure to the investors, and in software sector, the loans which covers most of production unit’s problems, were paid to the investors from AFZ’s credits.
Nazemi stated: These supports are provided through giving low-interest loans from AFZ’s financial resources in banks, but banks have their own conditions for paying it. Recently, “Zanjire Tamin Danesh” company has started its activity in the field of paying low interest loans for fixed capital (10% with one-year breathing) and working capital (4%) to production units.
Nazemi added: AFZ did not wait for other institutions to fulfill their duties in infrastructure, so it has approved a budget of 200 billion tomans for providing electricity and lighting for Khorramshahr industrial site. Based on this, the electricity capacity of Khorramshahr industrial site will increase from 60 to 120 megawatts. Khorramshahr substation (3) is under the authority of regional electricity company, but AFZ has launched its construction to support industrial units.
He reminded: In industrial site, many projects in the fields of infrastructure, lighting, sewage and security are being implemented by AFZ, which has been allocated over 500 billion Tomans of credit by this organization.
He stated: In the first six months of this year, more than 100 million dollars of regional products have been exported abroad. And in the last year, only in investment contracts sector, there have been more than 10 industrial units, including two foreign companies.