The damaged claims of the victims of the “Metropol” incident are being investigated by the Crisis Headquarters

According to Arvand Free Zone Organization Public Relations and International Affairs Department, Mohammad Reza Eskandari, AFZ Organization’s CEO, while offering condolences to the family members of the victims of the “Metropol” incident and expressing sympathy with the people of the region for this great tragedy, Support announced and added: “As a task that we were in charge of, from the very beginning of the incident, all the forces of Arvand Free Zone Organization were categorized according to the type of duty of each person and were present on the scene.”
The CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization continued: based on the decision of the Crisis Headquarters; The Office for Investigating the Claims and Complaints of Workers and Victims of the Fall of the Metropol Tower was established by the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, the Governor’s Office and other relevant institutions, and Arvand Free Zone Organization provided the headquarters with the headquarters.