Congratulation message from AFZ’s Public Relations and International Affairs manager on the occasion of Communication and Public Relations Day

AFZ’s Public Relations and International Affairs manager congratulated communication and Public Relations Day on 27th ordibehesht with a message.
According to the report of AFZ’s Public Relations and International Affairs Department; Hamid Bahreini, AFZ’s Public Relations and International Affairs manager, issued a congratulating message to activists on Communication and Public Relations Day.
The message is as follows:
In Name of God
27th Ordibehesht known as Communication and Public Relations Day is a valuable opportunity to honor the free communication system in society and to appreciate the efforts of those working in this field, as well as to review the high status of public relations as an artistic element in the age of communication and Public relations is a leader in information in various fields.
Nowadays, in the age of communication, where citizens also play an important role in the circulation of information and news production as “citizen journalists”, and on the other hand, the expansion of communication platforms and the speed of information dissemination have significantly increased. The public relations is responsible for enlightenment of public opinion and playing middle circle role for managers and AFZ with the people.

The approach of AFZ’s public relations and international affairs department this year is to set basic, professional, dynamic and purposeful public relations, which is based on the orders of Islamic Revolution’s Supreme Leader: We need real cohesion in our system in every possible way. One ways is to harmonize the public relations custom in the ministry and its benefits is to get each other’s experiences.”
I consider the arrival of communications and public relations’ day as an opportunity to congratulate all AFZ’s managers and public relations experts and I ask almighty success and pride to those who work in this field.