The invitation to participate in the “International Exchange of Free Zones” to be published

Notice of invitation to participate in “International Free Zone Stock Exchange” for all applicants, including stock exchanges, capital supply companies, brokerages, investment companies, banks, insurance companies, manufacturing, industrial and commercial holdings, free and special zone organizations. Economic, investment companies and development of free zones were released.
According to the public relations and international affairs report of Arvand Free Zone Organization, quoted by the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free and Special Economic Zones, the full text of this announcement is as follows:
Regarding the issuance of the license of the International Stock Exchange of Free Zones in the meeting dated 23/08/2022 of the Supreme Council of the Stock Exchange and the notification dated 23/09/2022 of the Securities and Exchange Organization and the recent meeting of the initial board of founders; The Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free Commercial-Industrial and Special Economic Zones intends to complete and increase participation in the founding board.
The initial capital of this stock exchange is expected to be 30 million Euros, and the applicant for participation in the board of founders must have sources/income of foreign currency and only take action from the same place to secure his/her contribution.
Therefore, it is necessary for the applicants who meet the above conditions, declare their official readiness and request to participate as founders, to send a written request no later than 10 December 2022 to the executive management of the establishment of the International Exchange of Free Zones, the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Commercial-Industrial and Special Economic Free Zones take action.