“AFZ” to host the first sports Olympiad of employees of the country’s free zones

Abdulreza Arastou, Management Development deputy director Arvand Free Zone Organization announced the hosting of the first sports Olympiad of free zone employees in this zone.

According to the public relations and international affairs department of AFZO, Arastou, the deputy director of management development of this organization, stated that the purpose of holding these competitions is to create vitality and develop the culture of sports among the employees of the zones. These competitions will be held periodically every year, hosted by one of the free zones of the country, and the first round was hosted by AFZ.

Stating that the start of these competitions will coincide with the arrival of the Fajr decade, he said: the opening of these competitions will be held on the 1st Bahman (30th January) of this month in the sports hall of Kausar Abadan.

He reminded that during these competitions, special programs such as tourist tours and visits to sightseeing places and markets of AFZ have been planned for employees of Free Zones with the approach of Arvand’s touristic attractions and capacities.