A handicrafts exhibition to be Inaugurated in Arvand Free Zone

On the occasion of World Handicrafts Day, an exhibition of handicrafts was opened along with various art workshops in Abadan Bazaar (Persian Gulf).
According to Public Relations and International Affairs department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, the exhibition of handicrafts was inaugurated on Monday evening in the presence of Ghodrat Allah Tamimian, the Deputy of Culture, Social Affairs and Tourism of this organization in the Persian Gulf market of Abadan.
While visiting this exhibition, Tamimian pointed out that we should promote the culture of using handicrafts as much as possible, and he also clarified: Considering the artistic capacity and manpower active in the field of handicrafts, we should try to introduce Arvand Free Zone handicrafts as a brand among other free zones with policies and well-planned programs.
Emphasizing that this exhibition was set up with the aim of flourishing and introducing handicrafts, he said: “This exhibition is a great opportunity for artists to introduce and present their products;” We will also take effective steps in the economic prosperity of these industries in line with the goals we have set in the field of handicrafts.