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Arvand industrial site

The industrial site of Arvand Free Zone with a total area of 8600 hectares is split into two parts of Abadan industrial site and Khorramshahr industrial site, the most prominent feature of which is the passage of the Karun River and canals from the industrial site.

The distance between the industrial site of Arvand Free Zone and important communication centers
Container Port of Khorramshahr
Shalamcheh Commercial Frontier
Khorramshahr Railway
Abadan port
Abadan International Airport
Imam Khomeini seaport
On the main roads of the asphalt road (roads of Abadan-Ahvaz, Khorramshahr-Ahvaz, Abadan-Bandar Imam-Mahshahr


  1. A) Abadan industrial site:

This site, with an area of 5000 hectares, is located in the eastern part of the Karun River and industrial site. So far, about 400 hectares have been assigned to industrial units that are building manufacturing workshops or producing and operating.


– There is a site for aquaculture

– 400 hectares enclosed site

– Quick access to communication roads (Ahwaz and Mahshahr)

– Advantages of using legal benefits of free zones

Abadan industrial site is divided into three parts in terms of infrastructure:

  • Abadan Industrial estate with a total area of 400 hectares

Available infrastructures:

  • Drinking water
  • Medium pressure line
  • Semi-complete lighting system
  • Sewage Collection Network
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Gas supply network

Ongoing projects:

  • Surface water collection network that is being designed
  • Study of raw water network
  • Green space is being designed
  • A 714-hectare fish farming site with raw water and electricity grids.
  • Other lands of Abadan industrial site with an area of 185 hectares lack any infrastructure.

Khorramshahr Industrial Site

The site covers an area of over 3600 hectares, including a 1200-hectare Khorramshahr industrial estate, a former special economic zone with an area of 160 hectares, and the remaining lands available to the free zone are ready for handing over. The site has a 24-kilometer-long wall which is completely fenced and its main advantage is the possibility of establishing customs and production units to benefit from free zone advantages.


– Establishment of customs department and full use of the legal benefits of free zones

–  Secured by installing CCTV cameras and security guards

– The existence of power plant and required power supply

– Proximity to Khorramshahr Container Port and Shalamcheh border

– Predicting important projects, such as connection to the country’s rail network


Cost of consuming energy in the industrial site

Water ( per cubic meter) 4000  IR Rials
Electricity (per kw) 773 IR Rials
Gas (cubic meter) 700  IR Rials


The Khorramshahr industrial site is divided into three parts in terms of infrastructure:

  • 160 hectares (formerly special economic zone)

Available infrastructure:

  • Drinking water
  • Medium pressure line
  • Surface water collection system
  • Surface transfer system for collecting water
  • Sewage Collection System
  • Semi-complete lighting system
  • Gas supply network

Ongoing projects:

  • Study of wastewater treatment plants
  • Study of raw water network
  • Pumping station for surface water is under construction
  • Green space is being designed.
  • Former industrial town of Khorramshahr with a total area of 1100 hectares

Available infrastructure:

Drinking water

Medium pressure line

Semi-complete lighting system

Wastewater Recycling Network

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Gas supply network

Fire hydrant system

Ongoing projects:

  • Surface water collection network that is being designed
  • Study of raw water network
  • Green space is being designed
  • Other lands in Khorramshahr industrial site with a total area of 2000 hectares are under study of a detailed design, feasibility study and environmental assessment.

Arvand active industrial units:

Industrial units operating in the region are located in three separate sites and districts; their list according to the division is as follows:

  1. A) Active industrial units of Khorramshahr industrial site
  2. B) Active units of Abadan Industrial site
  3. C) Industrial units outside the industrial site

These units are units such as refineries, Abadan Petrochemical Company, Marine Enterprises and several other companies that had been there before Arvand free zone was established and are located in non-industrial areas of Arvand or since the establishment of Arvand Free Zone due to some advantages and necessities Outside of industrial site.


Industries Outside Industrial site

Row Company Name Product
1 Iranol Oil Company Base oil and solid paraffin
2 Pasargad Oil Company Bitumen
3 Kardan Petro Sanat Company Fire Truck
4 Jonoob Iranian Rangin Kaman Company Pisciculture
5 Banian Pey Jonoob Company Pavement & Mosaic
6 Arvand Dates Industry Development Company Dates
7 Setare Ashian Dar Company Anti-theft door
8 Simin Roz Company Seedlings
9 Shenavarsazan Sanat va darya Company Ship
10 Arvand Khodro Arman Company Ambulance
11 Isargaran 175 Cooperative Company Pisciculture
12 Abzian Navid Karun Company Pisciculture
13 Poolad Farayand International Company Metal tanks
14 Arvandan Shipbuilding Company (1) Ship
15 Arvandan Shipbuilding Company (2) Ship
16 Abadan Petrochemical Company Two benzene diesels, caustic soda and PVC
17 Aria Arvand Poshesh Vazin Sazi Insulation of metal pipes with concrete
18 Sahel Arvand Marine Industrial City Company Ship
19 Abadan Oil Refinery Variety of Petroleum Products
20 Iran Engineering and construction of marine installations Company Variety of Marine Structures
21 Shahid Mousavi Marine Industry Company Ship
22 Tasdid Marine Structures Development Company Variety of Marine Structures
23 Ziba Shenavar Sazan Company Ship
24 Arvand Noor Yas Company Variety of ceiling fan
25 Hani Business Development and Food Industry Company Variety of Tissues
26 Arvand Milad Masoud Company Dates Packaging
27 Arvand Shirin Diar Company Dates Products
28 Arvand Sepehr Plastic Company Recycling of plastic, copper and aluminum Waste
29 Arvand Paydar Tejarat Sazeh Company Variety of CCTV Cameras and Recording devices



Raw Company Product
1 Bestan Plastic Single-layer polyethylene film and plastic containers
2 Abadan Polyethylene Pipes and Fittings Polyethylene Pipes
3 Arvand Yekta Industry Variety of Air Conditioners
4 Arvand Mozaffar Plastic Variety of Single-layer polyethylene film
5 Khorramshahr Chemical Fakhr Variety of Detergents
6 Arvand Arnika Plastic Variety of Single-layer polyethylene film
7 Pirooz ram Wool Moisture Insulation
8 Arvand Kamyab Plast Variety of Single-layer polyethylene film
9 Arvand Pars Opal Crystal containers
10 Abadan Arvand Tarash Heat Exchangers Components and equipments
11 Arvand Sepehr Azar Equipping Petroleum components and equipments
12 Arvand Plast Karan Variety of Single-layer polyethylene film
13 Arvand Gostaran Safe Pipes Petroleum components and equipments
14 Arvand Zarrin Mobin Packaging Dried food and corn products
15 Mahtaban Oxygen Industry Industrial and Medical Oxygen
16 Sepahan Nik Plastic PVC pipes
17 Karun Phosphate Sodium tripolyphosphate
18 Arvand Mirab Pipe Polyethylene pipe and fittings
19 Arvand Moj Shekan Shipbuilding Fiberglass boats
20 Dez Transparent Condensate Paraffin, Industrial Oils and Organic Solvent
21 Abadan Forozan Nojom Prepared concrete
22 Arat Dried Food Processing and packaging of dates
23 Arvand Saghe Zarrin Cooperative Date products
24 Arvand Mahtab Industry Single-layer polyethylene film and Plastic box of fruits
25 Sefid Bam jonoob Moisture Insulation and polyester fibers
26 Arvand No Avaran Plast Cooperative Films and polyethylene bags
27 Arvand Mokhtar Trading Plastic box of fruits
28 Mahshahr Sahl Sazan Variety of concrete pavements
29 Isargaran 52 Cooperative Polystyrene foam
30 Arvand Iranian Electric Industry Miniature Switches
31 Abadan Ghand Asal Sugar
32 Arvand Hamed Concrete Prepared concrete
33 Derakhshesh Rangin Kaman Jonoob Variety of Carboard
34 Arvand Novin Coffee Makers Variety of Coffee
35 Vitna Naghsh Industrial Group Variety of metal structures and office furniture
36 Arvand Ofogh Latif Pak Detergents
37 Abadan Metal Structures Metal constructions and tanks, Overhead cranes
38 Abadan Aria Plastic Preforms and bottles
39 Arvand Faryad Gostar Variety of Single-layer polyethylene film
40 Abadan Star Carbolic acid
and aluminum oxide
Silicon carbide and petroleum coke
41 Teif Asa Electrical panel
42 Abadan Zam Zam Coke
43 Shayeste Ice Makers Ice
44 Amar Pishro Road makers Prepared concrete and asphalt
45 Kosaran Novin Prepared concrete and hot asphalt
46 Abadan Star Pipes and fittings Polyethylene pipes
47 Abadan Industrial Additives Silicon carbide and petroleum coke
48 Karun Mobarak Industy hot asphalt
49 Isargaran 144 Cooperative prepared concrete
50 Arvand Afra Dried food
51 Vision Namad Arvand PVC
52 Arvand Kavir Plast Single-layer polyethylene film
53 Caspian Petro Azar Petroleum products
54  Erfan Rah Jonoob asphalt
55 Arvand Bespar Polymer Polymer granules
56 Tam Arvand Machine tractor
57 Abadan Petro Arvand Oxide bitumen
58 Arvandkenar Artan Plast Polystyrene foam
59 Arvand Sara bahro bar Company variety  of bags and luggage



Row Company Product
1 Arvand Pishgaman ICT Company POS and Variety of Adapters
2 Fereshte Joyan Company Variety of Nutritional Supplements
3 Noor Khuzestan Trading Company Variety of home appliances
4 Green coke Baking Company Calcined Coke
5 Arvand Boostan Company Variety of Chairs,  benches and metal tanks
6 Parsian Khazar Petro Sanat Company Variety of Industrial Filters
7 Bardia Jonoob Textile Company Variety of Clothing
8 Alcoholization Company (cooperative number 1) Industrial and Medical Alcohol, Edible vinegar and disinfectant gel
9 Jonoob Gharb Saba Power Production Company High Voltage Power Supply
10 Gharb Arvand Pars Atiro Company Variety of hydrocarbons, solvents and industrial oils
11 Arvand Khord Sanat Company Oil, gas and petrochemicals Equipments
12 Peiman Ramshir petrochemical Company Variety  of hydrocarbons and bitumen
13 Arvand Fadak Trading Company Beans Packaging
14 Arvand Pallet Company Plastic Pallet
15 Arvand Azin Choob Gostar Melamin Company Melamine Coated Chipboard and paper
16 Arvand Petro Mobin Company Variety of Industrial Oil and Bitumen Packaging
17 Arvand Farhang Yadak Company Variety of Vehicle Parts
18 Dasar Jonoob Asphalt Company Hot Asphalt
19 Sahraye Khorramshahr Cooperative Company Industrial Nitrogen, argon and oxygen
20 Kheirol safve Trading Company Construction plaster parts
21 Saipa Ring Production Company Car Steel rings
22 Pakine Shoy Company Variety of detergents
23 Arvand Hamrah Gooya Communication Company Variety of Mobile Phones
24 Arvand Razmin Roots Company Car Horn
25 Khorramshahr Flour Production Company Flour
26 Khorram Shat Service, Production and Export Company Fish and shrimp Packaging
27 Samar Jonoob Trading Company Dates and Raisins Packaging
28 Arvand Pars Kimia Company Industrial Lubricant, Dyspress
29 Behta Arvand Production and Packaging Company Fish and shrimp Packaging
30 Arvand Fan Avaran Company Alcohol fuel, medical and industrial alcohol
31 Mehr Jonoob Recycle Industry Company Flute Paper from Agricultural Waste
32 Khorramshahr Oil Extracting Company Soybean seeds and Soybean Oil
33 Razi Engine Oil Refinery Company Variety of Grease
34 Petro Barasan International Company Offshore structures (offshore platforms)
35 Arvand Yekta Plastic Company Variety of plastic inflatable and injectable dishes / all kinds of films (Plastic Bags)
36 Arvand Dolphin Tea International Company Tea Packaging
37 Iranian Eman Sahel Company Tubes made of fiberglass and resin polyester
38 Arvand Bonyan Gostar Company Concrete pillars and various concrete parts
39 Parsi Kitro Omran Comany Prepared Concrete
40 Arvand Kalan Boton Company Prepared Concrete
41 Arvand Oil Trading Company Drilling machine parts
42 Arvand Aria Tablor Company Aluminum oxide and aluminum fluoride
43 Pak Arvand Motor Company Electrical Motorcycle and Bisycle
44 Arvand Pich Gostar Company Metal Pins and Screws
45 Arvand Ghir Avad Pars Bitumen Packaging
46 Arvand Solh Asemani Engineering Group of New Technology Company Textile with PVC
47 Gol Ara Cooperative Company Variety of Preforms
48 Arvand Padide Trading Company Dried Food Packaging
49 Arvand Nakhl Ab Company Variety of Sesame Oil and Sesame Seeds
50 Kardan Azma Cooperative Company Variety of Cultivation Laboratory Environment
51 Homa Shimi Company Industrial Detergents