We take the issue of education more seriously in 1401, the director says

Seyed Mohammad Seyedi, the Director of Handicrafts and Tourism Development of Arvand Free Zone Organization announced the allocation of an appropriate budget for holding training courses for handicraft activists in the Iranian new year.
According to Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Seyedi in a symposium with handicraft activists while emphasizing on education, said: due to the role of up-to-date and supplementary education in the prosperity of handicrafts and tourism, this management in its own budget in the new year will allocated a large share to this matter.
The director of Tourism Development and Cultural Heritage of AFZ Organization regarded the issue of transporting artists’ equipment in the exhibitions as a concern that can be solved by activists in this field and specified: We are working, we will seriously follow and try to solve the problem of transporting and moving the products of artists to attend the exhibitions.
Holding regional and national exhibitions, setting up training courses related to product marketing, allocating low-interest facilities and pursuing the issuance of craft cards, etc. were also among the topics discussed by the participants in this meeting.