The work of Arvand’s photographer, among the top 10 works in the world

The image recorded by Mohammad Amin Ansari, the Arvand’s photographer in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar was among the top 10 illustrated works in the world.

According to the public relations and international affairs departmet of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Ansari, a well-known photographer of AFZ, has taken pictures in the biggest sports tournaments in the world, such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

He recorded one of the most lasting images of this tournament in the recent World Cup held in Qatar.

The image of Alireza Biranvand and Seyed Majid Hosseini, two players of the Iran’s national football team, was captured by Ansari’s camera lens and was noticed by the experts in this field in the World Union of Sports Photographers.

The picture recorded by Ansari is among the top 10 pictures in the world last year and it is going to be voted for the best picture in the near future in Spain.

Photographers from Bolivia, Spain, England, America, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, Poland, Turkey, along with Mohammad Amin Ansari from Iran will compete for the title of the best picture of the year.