The effective role of AFZ’s Organization to advance the education

In a meeting with AFZ’s CEO and deputy of Culture, Social and Tourism, the Deputy for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs of the Ministry of Education appreciated the support and activities done by Arvand in various fields of education and training.
According to AFZ’s public relations and international affairs report, the Deputy for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs of Ministry of Education and Culture had a meeting with AFZ’s CEO and Deputy for Cultural, Social and Tourism, the Director-General of Education of Khuzestan regarding the organization’s support for education and their activities in field of education were appreciated.
In this meeting, AFZ’s Deputy for Cultural, Social and Tourism announced about signing of an MOU with the General Department of School Renovation in Khuzestan regarding equipping schools with cooling systems, tables and benches, and beautification and added: this year, AFZ supported educational camps such as “Yavaran velayat”, ” Halaghat Saleheen “, ” Rahian Pishraft” and launched students’ preparation programs for entrance exams, holding educational workshops, supporting the Teacher’s Week ceremony and implementing other projects such as “Meraj”, development of “Fahk”, renovation, equipping and transferring of “Hassan” schools in Abadan and Khorramshahr and support for homeless, poorly supervised and underprivileged students.
The demands of AFZ’s officials included the request for the code of Abadan Farhangian University and the recruitment of specialized human resources.
With a population of over 106,000 students and 600 schools in different levels, AFZ has the largest population and educational capacity among other free zones, and it can be said that half of the student population is concentrated in Arvand.