The symbolic bell of research sounded in Arvand Free Zone

The Deputy of Culture, Social Affairs and Tourism of Arvand Free Zone Organization announced the symbolic ringing of a research bell in one of the schools of Abadan on the occasion of Research and Technology Week.
According to Public Relations and International Affairs of Arvand Free Zone Organization, in the presence of Deputy Minister of Culture, Social Affairs and Tourism and Director of Education of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Director of Education of Abadan city and accompanied by a group of relevant officials the research bell rang in one of Abadan schools.
Ghodratollah Tamimian, while attending the exhibition of handicrafts of the students of this school, and congratulating the elites of the region this week, said: Last year, the Abadan Education Department participated in the research week exhibition in a special way, and today, due to the spread of coronavirus and the lack of a group and coherent exhibition, they held an exhibition in this school.
He pointed out: Considering the importance of research and technology in society and its impact on the flourishing of talents, economy and industry of the region; Paying attention to holding the research week is one of the priorities of educational topics of Arvand Free Zone Organization.
Mr. Tamimian, referring to this year’s slogan, which is called “Research in the service of the leap of production,” acknowledged: With the planning done and paying attention to technology and research topics, we seek to find talent and flourish the region’s talents, and paying attention to the activists in this field is one of our important programs, which we hope will bring good results in the field of technology. Since research and technology can have a significant impact on the economy and industry and reduce costs and increase productivity quality.