Arvand Free Zone ranks first in attracting foreign investors among the free zones of Iran

Deputy of Investment and Business Development of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Seyed Ali Mousavi, said: with basic solutions, Arvand Free Zone Organization has the first rank in attracting foreign investors among the free zones of the country.
According to Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Public Relations and International Affairs Department, Mousavi stated: In the first seven months of the Iranian year, $ 50 million was attracted in the form of approved foreign investment projects in Arvand Free Zone.
He added: “Despite all the problems that exist in the world, country, province and region due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, as well as US pressure and oppressive sanctions, the investment situation in Arvand Free Zone is favorable.”
The deputy pointed out: According to the statistics provided, more than 40% of foreign investment in the Iranian year 1399 in free zones of the country has taken place in Arvand Free Zone, which indicates the creation of the necessary infrastructure for foreign investment in this region.
Mousavi said: “According to the amount of investment made in all free zones of the country and according to statistics provided by the Secretariat of the Supreme Council of Free Zones of Iran in the first seven months of this year, $ 123 million was attracted by foreign investors in all free zones which $ 50 million belongs to Arvand Free Zone. ”
At the end, Mousavi, noting that the priority of Arvand Free Zone Organization is to attract foreign investors and Iranians living abroad, acknowledged: Facilitating foreign and domestic investment licenses is another goal of Arvand Free Zone.