65% realization of production leap strategies in Arvand

The CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization said: with the opening of the thirteenth production unit of the “Production Leap in Conquest Land” project, 65% of the production leap strategies in this year were realized in this region.
According to Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Ismaeil Zamani stated in the ceremony of operation of Hafez Arvand Industrial Bread Production Unit: Arvand Free Zone Organization will have the full support of small and medium production units.
Referring to the opening of 13 production and industrial units in Arvand Free Zone since the beginning of the Iranian year, he added: “These units are among the most important and influential units in Arvand in terms of producing products that are directly consumed by the people and providing employment opportunities.
In the end, CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization said: “We hope that the number of these units will increase by the end of the year with more growth and we will see the opening of such production units in the region in order to create more employment in this region.”