Message from the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization on the occasion of the reopening of schools at the beginning of the 1399-1400 academic year

According to Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, the text of the message of the CEO of this organization is as follows:
The beginning of the academic year 1399- 1400 and the reopening of schools, universities as well as seminaries is the open door of the study of science and the acquisition of knowledge to millions of beloved children of our country, especially in the region of knowledge, Arvand region in order to gain a brighter future, more beautiful horizon and a better life full of hope and growth for our country and our dear people, especially the passionate loved ones of this region.
I’d like to congratulate this joyful event to the students and their dear families, as well as to the efforts of the servants in the field of education, universities and seminaries who lit candles to illuminate the life of this community, especially the youth, teenagers and children.
As a matter of duty, I declare the readiness of Arvand Free Zone Organization to provide the necessary facilities for the optimal realization of the new academic year, and I emphasize once again that no child or student should drop out of school in Arvand Free Zone due to financial problems.
I hope that the families, dear students, and honorable trustees of education, including primary schools, high schools, universities and seminaries, will observe the full and maximum health protocols, instructions and recommendations in the current situation.

Ismaeil Zamani
Chairman of the Board and CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization