Development of Abadan International Airport is one of the main goals in Arvand Free Zone

The CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Ismaeil Zamani, stated: One of the main goals of this organization is to develop Abadan International Airport in the region.
According to Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization; Zamani in a press conference with the media on the occasion of Government Week, referring to the actions of this organization at the Ayatollah Jami International Airport in Abadan, added: “Since joining Arvand Free Zone Organization, Abadan International Airport has been considered as the main issue in the region, and the needs of this airport have been reviewed and it has been decided that its halls will be renovated jointly.
Zamani said: “It was predicted that in case of a international flight, the capacity of the current terminal may be low, therefore, it was decided to build a new terminal in the form of a 50% partnership with the airport company.”
He specified: 500 billion Rials have been spent in Abadan International Airport so that domestic and international flights will be separated after the completion of the new airport, and even a freight and passenger terminals have been considered for this new terminal.
Ismaeil Zamani expressed his desire to cooperate with the airlines and said: “If the airlines have night flights at Abadan International Airport, we will welcome them, and in this regard, Karun Airlines has recently announced its readiness.”