Arvand Free Zone competes with the markets of China and the Middle East

According to Public Relations and International Affairs Department of Arvand Free Zone Organization, Ismaeil Zamani, the CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization stated in the ceremony of exploiting the 11th production company of the series of economic projects “Production Leap Movement in the Conquered Land”: Due to the potential and production capacity that has been created in Arvand Free Zone, we can compete with the markets of China and the Middle East.
Zamani said: “We can compete with Chinese products and markets in the Middle East by mass production and reducing the cost of product costs.”
He added: The Arvand Free Zone Organization is ready to remove any obstacles to the mass production of high-consumption products such as stationery.
Zamani finally stated that raising the quality of production is a condition for Arvand Free Zone Organization to support small production units and added: “These units must be competitive and gain a share of similar domestic and foreign markets with the high quality of production.”