Establishing trade and economic cooperation between Iran and Iraq in the post-Corona era

According to Arvand Free Zone Organization Public Relations and International Affairs Department, Kazem Hamid Al-Waili, Governor of Dhi Qar Province, while appreciating the warm welcome of Arvand Free Zone officials to the Iraqi delegation, said: We hope to expand trade and economic exchanges between the two countries in the post-Corona situation.
He added: “We followed the news about the spread of the coronavirus and the infection of the Iranian people with this disease through the media and cyberspace.”
Referring to the high number of deaths from this disease, he noted: Although the number of patients and deaths due to COVID-19 disease was high in Iran, but fortunately the efforts of Iranian medical staff, including doctors and nurses, helped to improve this situation.
The governor of Dhi Qar acknowledged: “Naturally, our province, which is also affected by the corona, is facing many problems, and in this regard, we need the cooperation and support of Iran.”
He finally informed about the need of Dhi Qar province for artificial respiration device and said: in the hospitals of Dhi Qar province, the need for artificial respiration device and some other equipments is evident, and we hope for the help and cooperation of our neighboring country, Iran.