A large hypermarket of manufacturing free zone’s products to be set up in Arvand Free Zone

In line with the intentions of the Supreme Leader in the year of “ Production leap”, with the consent of the Chairman and CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization; the largest hypermarket of free zone’s manufacturing products in the country will be launched by Arvand Development and Investment Company.
According to Arvand Free Zone Organization Public Relations and International Affairs Department, Kamal Rezaei, the Chairman and CEO of Arvand Development and Investment Company said: in the industrial towns of the free zones of the country, various products are manufactured using imported raw materials or raw materials available in the country, which are of very good and suitable quality, and due to the wide range and variety of these products, it is possible to meet most needs of households living in these areas through these products.
Rezaei added: Considering that the population living in Arvand is more than other free zones in the country, this region definitely needs more goods from domestic producers.
Finally, the Chairman of the Board of Arvand Development and Investment Company said: the products manufactured in Arvand should be introduced to other merchants and traders in the free zones of the country in order to use the capacity of these areas and the existence of borders with neighboring countries to export more of these products.