Investment in four manufacturing companies

According to Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Public Relations and International Affairs Department, at the opening ceremony of the second production unit of the “Production Leap in the Land of Conquest” project, Kamal Rezaei, the CEO of Arvand Free Zone Development and Investment Company said: Arvand Free Zone Development Company belongs to the Arvand Free Zone Organization and added: In 2019-2020, it has invested in four manufacturing companies directly by providing the raw materials needed for production by providing the capital needed to set up the production line.
Rezaei stated that the volume of these investments is about 600 billion Rials and said: ” Negin Tallai Sorkh Asia Saffron Company” which was put into operation today in the presence of the CEO of Arvand Free Zone Organization and a group of local officials; 60 billion Rials have been invested directly in the supply of raw materials needed for investment.
He expressed satisfaction with the fact that the remaining companies and production units in the region will be put into operation by October 26, and about 80 jobs will be created directly, he also said: looking at the services, medical, production and other areas in the country, it is statistically very significant compared to the past, especially for the post-revolutionary generation. The real leap in production in the country began in 2010 by the order of the Supreme Leader, marking the year of “redoubled work” and will reach its peak in the new year with a leap in production.
Kamal Rezaei acknowledged: “One of the tasks of the Development and Investment Company is to activate the foreign trade sector to export the country’s manufactured goods, especially the Arvand Free Zone. In 2009, we were able to export eighty-three thousand tons of goods to the Persian Gulf and South Africa.” Although there are various fluctuations in this direction, it is a path that has a bright future and will definitely save the industry, and we will take decisive steps in this direction.