Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Managing Director issues a message on international Quds Day

According to Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Public Relations and International Affairs Department, Ismaeil Zamani, Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Managing Director, issued a message commemorating international Quds Day. The text of the message is as follows:

Undoubtedly, international Quds Day is one of the most prominent days in the calendar of our Islamic homeland and represents the unity and integrity of the Islamic world.

The message of this great day will be the liberation of Quds from the Zionists and the pact with the ideals of the great architect of the Islamic Revolution, who will crystallize in the Islamic world every year by expressing disgust with the policies of the hostile Israeli regime.

This year, with the outbreak of the corona virus, this uninvited guest, the big Quds Day ceremony will not be held; but the cry for the rights and justice of Muslims, especially the honorable people, and always on the scene of Abadan and Khorramshahr, will definitely be heard in a different way.

According to the Supreme Leader, this year we will not see the holding of public rallies and gatherings as in previous years, but with a strong presence in cyberspace, Quds Day can be shouted with all our might and with constant authority.

I consider it necessary to celebrate this great day and I ask the honorable people of Arvand Free Zone to convey the oppression of the Palestinian people to the world with the sympathy and unity of our compatriots, as in the past.

Ismaeil Zamani,

Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Managing Director