A message from Managing Director of Arvand Free Zone Organization on Labor Day

In a message, Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Managing Director, Ismaeil Zamani, congratulated the International Labor Day on 12 Ordibehesht, 1st May.
According to Arvand Free Zone Organization’s Public Relations and International Affairs Department, the text of the message is as follows:
The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “God loves a worker whom if a job is assigned to him, will do it properly.”
By appreciating the glorious words of the Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) and the Infallibles (AS), let us honor the sincere and tireless efforts of the honorable and hardworking workers.
Workers are the driving force of the economy of any society and as the most honorable and valuable social class, because with their powerful arms and creative thoughts, they turn the lives of human societies. We thank God Almighty that in Arvand Free Zone, a group of workers in domain of labor and construction, for the love of prosperity, fertility and growth of Islamic Iran with steely will, redouble their efforts to make this heavy geography of Iran proud, and also Make the path of investment and stable and indirect job creation for other compatriots.
Therefore, I would like to thank each and every one of the dear workers in the private and public sectors who tried their best to make this region the center of attention and attraction of domestic and foreign investors today.
I hope that in the year that has been called by the Supreme Leader of the Revolution as a leap in production, in the light of the cooperation and empathy of workers, employers, managers of companies and projects based in the region, we will see the realization of the goals of Arvand Free Zone programs.
In the end, while congratulating again on this blessed day to the dear workers, I ask God to grant prosperity and increasing success to these hard-working people.

Ismaeil Zamani, Managing Director of Arvand Free Zone Organization